Computer Science


Dr. Kathie Yerion:

    With colleagues at colleges similar to Gonzaga around the Northwest, She has been participating in a National Science Foundation CPATH grant for the NorthWest Distributed Computer Science Department (NWDCSC) on “computational thinking across disciplines.” The website is
    She participated in two curriculum modules associated with this grant: she developed a module on “How Animals Get Their Stripes”
    Dr. Yerion taught this two-week teaching module multiple times in two quite different courses – ENSC 244 Computer Methods for Engineers (for Mechanical Engineering majors) and CPSC 450 Advanced Algorithms (for Computer Science majors). This effort resulting in a publication, “Alan Turing, Animal Spots, and Algorithms”, The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, Vol 28, No 1, October 2012, p. 169-175 and an associated presentation at the Northwest Regional Consortium of Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC).

Dr. Paul De Palma:

    Automatic speech recognition (ASR). There have been great strides in the past two decades in ASR research with the introduction of probabilistic methods.  But these systems don't work nearly as well as we would like with speech from multiple people using an unconstrained vocabulary.  Beginning with the observation that speech and writing differ in significant ways, He has been working on a set of techniques to build a recognizer that bypasses words altogether, passing on the sense of speech, rather than actual text, to another piece of a dialog system.  This, of course, is what humans do when asked, for example, "What did Mary just say?"  His collaborators on this effort are Dr. Charles Wooters of the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley and Dr. George Luger of the University of New Mexico.

Dr. Shawn Bowers:

    Dr. Bowers’ research interests are in scientific data management, where he has worked on scientific workflow technology, data integration, and data provenance. Through collaborations with colleagues at UC Davis and UC Santa Barbara, he is an investigator on three NSF-funded research projects focused on developing new techniques for data integration and discovery of ecological and biodiversity data using formal logic-based approaches.  These projects have provided a number of research opportunities at Gonzaga University for undergraduate students in computer science. More recently, Dr. Bowers work has explored distrubuted and high-performance computing approaches for optimizing data-intensive workflow systems as well as new database techniques that exploit semantic approaches for describing and querying graph data.

Dr. Yanping Zhang:

    Her research interests include mathematical modeling and simulation, cyber security, wireless communication, and wireless sensor networks (WSN) with a special concern on collaboration among sensors and robots. Her current research lies in the surveillance application of WSN, focusing on intrusion detection, large area surveillance methodology, bio-inspired communication, collaboration among sensors and robots, etc. She is now collaborating with networking research groups at the University of Alabama.


Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects for 2012 - 2013

Project Title: Parkinson's Project; Sponsor: Parkinson's Resource Center, EWU Department of Communication Disorders
Project Title: Go Lumber; Sponsor: FTI American
Project Title: NW LLC; Sponsor: Northwest Registered Agent LLC
Project Title: Collaborative Learning System; Sponsor: Gonzaga University
Project Title: Hospital Network Design; Sponsor: H-Source

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects for 2011 - 2012

Project Title: Global Business Broadcast Network; Sponsor: Gibby Media Group
Project Title: Energy/Water Consumption Data Presentation; Sponsor: Itron
Project Title: Targeted Real Estate Search; Sponsor: Coldwell Banker
Project Title: Open Source Data Warehousing; Sponsor: GE Healthcare

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects for 2010 - 2011

Project Title: LHC2 Antenna Lab
Project Title: Spokane Public Library
Project Title: Webscraper API
Project Title: PowerData Power Simulator

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects for 2009 - 2010

Project Title: B-Hive Test; Sponsor: IT Lifeline
Project Title: Power Simluator; Sponsor: PowerData Corporation
Project Title: IT-Lifeline Website; Sponsor: IT-Lifeline

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects for 2008 - 2009

Project Title: Web Assessment Tool; Sponsor: Gonzaga University

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects for 2007-2008

Project Title: Image Labeler; Sponsor:  Image Science Labs
Project Title: Replacement User Interface; Sponsor: Itron
Project Title: Disaster Models; Sponsor: GU/Premera Blue Cross
Project Title: Web Assessment Tool; Sponsor: GU

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects for 2006-2007

Project Title: Catalog Generator Application; Sponsor:  Spokane Computer, Inc.
Project Title: Cell Phone Testing Equipment; Sponsor: Agilent Technologies
Project Title: Transmission Outage Scheduler; Sponsor: Avista Utilities

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects for 2005-2006

Project Title: 3D Interface Module;  Sponsor: CentreAlert
Project Title: Restaurant Reservation System;  Sponsor: Mercury Payment Systems
Project Title: Distributed Audio Application;  Sponsor: PCO Incorporated
Project Title: 3D Game / Game Engine;  Sponsor: Gonzaga Computer Science

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects 2004-2005

Project Title: On-Site Image Capture Application;  Sponsor: Dorian Studio
Project Title: Automated Applicant Tracking System;  Sponsor: Avista Advantage
Project Title:  Basketball Apparel Designing;  Sponsor:  Intrepid Sportswear
Project Title: Vendor Notification Script;  Sponsor: ISR

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects 2003-2004

Project Title: Avista Utilities Miscellaneous Billing Project;  Sponsor: Avista Corp.
Project Title: Avista Utilities/Itronix Street Light and Joint-Use Pole Project;  Sponsor: Avista Corp. and Itronix
Project Title: Software development for a scanning laser tunnel profiler; Sponsor: NIOSH Spokane Research Laboratory
Project Title: Web-Based OSHA Compliant Trench Assistant;  Sponsor: NextIT Corp.

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects 2002-2003

Project Title:  ERT Reader Billing Service Project
Sponsor:  Itron Inc.

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects 2001-2002

Project Title:  Web Based Proposal Application System;  Sponsor:  Linesoft Corp. 
Project Title:  GUI and HUD for Unreal Engine Virtual Environment Training Software;  Sponsor:  NIOSH Spokane Researrch Laboratory (SRL) 
Project Title:  A Web Test Generator;  Sponsor:  Emerson Kennedy 
Project Title:  Presentation Recording Tool, aka DigitalGraffiti;  Sponsor:  Alloken, L.L.C.

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects 2000-2001

Project Title:  A Web-based Time Card System;  Sponsor:  Emerson Kennedy

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects 1999-2000

Project Title:  Object Detection and Tracking Using Video;  Sponsor:  NIOSH Spokane Research Lab 
Project Title:  Visual Editor; Sponsor:  Emerson Kennedy
Project Title:  Distributed Task Manager; Sponsor: Emerson Kennedy 
Project Title:  Web Site Development for the Visually Impaired;  Sponsor:  Lilac Blind Foundation

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects 1998-1999

Project Title:  DVD Editor;  Sponsor:  Emerson Kennedy 
Project Title:  Multi-user Training Simulator;  Sponsor:  NIOSH Spokane Research Laboratory

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects 1997-1998

Project Title:  SNMP Trap Enunciator;  Sponsor:  Itron 
Project Title:  Tool Shell '98;  Sponsor:  Itron 
Project Title:  Tree Compare Project;  Sponsor:  Emerson Kennedy

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects 1996-1997

Project Title:  Residential Power Broker;  Sponsor:  Itron 
Project Title:  3-Dimensional Terrain Generator;  Sponsor:  Emerson Kennedy 
Project Title:  Object Recognition;  Sponsor:  Dwight Brayton

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects 1995-1996

Project Title:  Digital Oscilloscope; Sponsor:  Pantrol 
Project Title:  Font Editor;  Sponsor:  Humongous Entertainment

Summary of Computer Science CEDE Projects 1994-1995

Project Title: Interview Tool for the Universal Data Collection and Processing System;  Sponsor: Westinghouse Hanford
Project Title: Windows Sprite Engine;  Sponsor: Emerson-Kennedy
Project Title: Windows Installer;  Sponsor: Emerson-Kennedy

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