Mechanical 14 - Boiling Cold Plates

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Student Team:John Sousa, Greg Hutchinson, Ryan Kellogg, Obadiah Schwartzel
Advisor: Bob Stiger
Sponsoring Organization: Parker Aerospace
Liaison: Andy Johnston

The project with Parker Aerospace is the development of an effective cooling system for high heat load electronics. Specifically, there is a difficulty in distributing a two-phase fluid evenly across an array of channels. The boiling fluid needs to be distributed evenly in terms of quality and mass flow rate. This distribution is important because it is directly correlated to the performance of the cooling system. We addressed this problem by designing and building a refrigerant test loop capable of testing different distribution devices, which were assessed on the basis of a temperature gradient across a set of heated channels. Parker will be able to use this project for current and future designing of thermal management systems.

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