Civil 13 - SCC Bldg 15 Addition Design


Student Team: Kevin Schell, Mitch Pearce, Jared Erny, Chaz Woo
Advisor: Tony Stenlund
Sponsoring Organization: Integrus Architecture
Liaison: Aaron Zwanzig

Spokane Community College’s Student Services Building has outgrown its current facility and requires additional space. The additional space of 25,000 square feet will expand the Student Services Department and provide the school with additional classrooms, administration offices, and space for The Institute for Extended Learning. We designed the structural systems of the building, which include gravity and lateral resisting systems, the foundation, and provided construction drawings and key structural details. The team compared material and design alternatives in order for the project to be cost effective and compatible with the client's needs. Our design methods will conform to current and prevailing building codes and standards to ensure safety and effectiveness during construction and the life of the building.

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Contact Information

Academic Director:
Toni Boggan
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Faculty Director:
Steven Zemke
Phone: 509-313-3554

502 E. Boone Avenue
Spokane, WA 99258-0026
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Dr. Stephen E. Silliman
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