Mechanical 5 - Condensation Fixture

Student Team: Zach Barnes, Thomas Whitt, Nick Tran, James Mehrtens
Advisor: Dr. Robert Stiger
Sponsoring Organization: Parker Hannafin
Liaison: Andy Johnston

Parker Aerospace Thermal Management Systems provides advanced solutions for liquid cooling of electronic components in the harsh environment of aerospace applications. The project goal is to design and build a condenser prototype test fixture to evaluate fin efficiency of various fin geometries used to condense boiled refrigerants (used for electronic component cooling) back to the liquid phase. The prototype created must allow Parker Aerospace to determine the experimental heat transfer coefficient at multiple points along the fin geometry which is condensing the refrigerant. The fixture must be able to accommodate various rectangular fin geometry sizes and be compatible with multiple refrigerant types with minimal custom parts required for each test. The condensing unit will be part of a closed-loop, recirculating-flow test loop which will re-boil the condensed liquid to simulate continuous cooling cycles used in the field.


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