Mechanical 4 - Carbon Ring Joiner

Student Team: Bruce McCall, Justin Larson-Miller, Ronald Beyer, Taylor Goade
Advisor: Mike Keegan
Sponsoring Organization: UTAS (United Technologies Aerospace Systems)
Liaisons: Lynn Spivey, Mark Wolke

UTAS (Goodrich) creates carbon brake pads using a carbon fiber filament fabric that is needled together into rings and then densified in a furnace reaction. However these rings need a spacer to separate them when they are stacked in the furnace. These separators are made in the same fashion as the brake pads but are thinner and slightly larger in diameter. In the fabrication of these rings carbon fiber fabric is layered and then needled together, the needles have barbs which catch strands of the fabric and interweave them with other layers creating a fairly strong ring. Our job was to design a carbon ring joining machine that will reduce the problems in the needling operation. The team will also provide support documentation for our design.


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