Mechanical 3 - Power Skid Unit

Student Team: Gabe Wiedel, Esteban Soto, Megan Maile, Adam Neer
Adivsor: Karch Polgar
Sponsoring Organization: Hanson Worldwide, LLC
Liaisons: Christopher Wood, Cody Murdock

Hanson Worldwide, LLC is based in Spokane, WA and specializes in manufacturing large scale industrial equipment.  The goal of this project is to design and build a high capacity, portable hydraulic power unit to be used in-house for testing and rig-up.  Hanson requires this type of unit to ensure their products work before being shipped to the customer.  Although Hanson currently has the equipment necessary to perform these tests, their process is inefficient and requires their projects along with supplemental equipment to be moved to the testing facilities.  The unit we are creating will satisfy the need for high capacity by utilizing three 120 gallon tanks and a 40 gpm (gallons per minute) hydraulic pump, while at the same time, maximizing mobility with a compact trailer-based design.


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