Mechanical 17 - Sports Camera

Student Team: Aaron Grenz, Adam Nekimken
Advisor: Steve Schennum
Sponsoring Organization:  FitView Inc.
Liaison: Steve Manser, Bobbi Burns, Calin Pacurariu

Note - This is the same project as EE & CPEN 5.

Project Background:

Readily available electronic technology (chip sets, optics, etc.) are capable of capturing high quality videos for performance sports enthusiasts.  However, this technology has not been not been engineered into performance sports equipment.  This project will identify the technical challenges (mechanical, optical, electrical, and software) to creating such a product as well as identify the development timeframe hurdles.

Project Goal:

1.    Identify the cost/benefit tradeoffs for alternative approaches (choices between technologies, etc.) to creating a full surround camera for performance sports.
2.    Develop a prototype high quality full surround camera for performance sports.

Project Deliverables:

1.    Project plan delineating project constraints, milestones, deliverables, and working budget (first month).
2.    Cost/benefit report characterizing alternative technology options.  This should be a thorough scan of what’s available and detailed to specific available engineering specs on purchased components (chip sets, optics, etc.) by mid to late first semester.
3.    Alternatives review meeting to accompany report with decision on alternative to pursue.
4.    Preliminary block diagram design of major components by end of 1st semester.
5.    Design documentation including circuit diagrams, pcb layouts, 3D models and 2D drawings of chosen design concept by mid second semester. (Note: some items will need to be completed early in semester to allow the prototypes to be constructed in time.)
6.    Working prototype of camera by project completion.
7.    Corresponding software integrated into Mac app(s) such as iMovie and FinalCut X


Project Management & Communication Expectations:

1.     WBS and schedule from start to finish of project.  Updated twice monthly.

2.     Monthly meetings with sponsor.

3.     Status reports weekly.

Project Research Expectations: 

We can review the existing solutions in this space and the research breakthroughs we’d like to focus on for this project...


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