Mechanical 11 - Product Line Automation

Student Team: John Gallegos, Sam Shoemaker, Hanna Wentz, Dalton Assumpcao Leite
Advisor: Ben Boyce
Sponsoring Organization: RANDL Industries
Liaison: Bob Haggerty

RANDL Industries manufactures 5 inch square electrical boxes equipped with inserts called Cable Management Pins (CMP), which provide a controlled way for cables to be wrapped inside the boxes.  Team ME 11 is developing a system to automate the insertion of such pins. Hence, dim cost and time of manufacturing, in order to attend larger market demand. Our system is comprised of four integrated systems: a Control System using a PLC integrated with HMI; an Alignment System to position CMPs in right orientation composed by a vibrating bowl and gates; a Sort and Guide System to place CMPs in their final position; and a Pressing System to finally lock the CMPs in boxes. Through the completion of this insertion system, RANDL Industries will obtain a larger mass production and increase its market.


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