Mechanical 10 - Tank Post Mold Processing

Student Team: Oscar Marmolejo, Alyssa Imai, Alexandra Anderson, Paul Yarborough
Advisor: Jeff Nolting
Sponsoring Organization: HOTSTART
Liaison: Todd Ryan, Adam Genteman, Tony Wisniewski

HOTSTART has contracted with the ME-10 student design team to design, prototype and test a machine that will process the tanks post molding completely unattended.  TPS tanks will be delivered to the autonomous machine from the Arburg plastic injection molder via a conveyor belt.  After the machine has removed the sprue and de-gated the tanks, they will be transported to a metal hopper for containment.  The machine must include a passive feature; in the event of a failure, the machine will not interrupt normal production of the tanks.  Also, the machine shall perform a quality check on the tank, collect all waste material, and must complete tank processing within the one-minute cycle time of tank production.  The tank rejection rate should be less than 3000 PPM.


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