EE & CPEN 5 - Sports Camera

Student Team: Aaron Grenz, Zachary Costello, Nathaniel Wendt, Marvin Jake Rumbaua, Gregory Dewey, Adam Nekimken
Advisor: Dr. Claudio Talarico
Sponsoring Organization:  FitView Inc.
Liaisons: Calin Pacurariu, Steve Manser, Bobbi Burns

Team EE5 was contracted by the California startup, FitView Inc., to design an integrated sports camera capable of capturing 360 degree field of view video at 4K high definition resolution.  They also developed a supporting plug-in for Final Cut Pro X.  This involved image processing techniques such as interpolation and removing barrel distortion from the high field-of-view lenses.    From a mechanical perspective, the team designed and modeled housing and mounting prototypes for the sports camera and performed finite element analysis on the models.  Additionally, the team mounted a custom lens solution to a GoPro Hero III Black edition to achieve higher field-of-view footage.


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