EE & CPEN 4 - Smart Serve

Student Team: Tyler Pattison, David Kanda, Sammy Vongphakdy, Christopher King
Advisor: Duane Starner, Dr. Vladimir Labay
Sponsor:  KEEN Foundation

Eating establishments such as the on-campus dining service, Sodexo, throw significant amounts of food away every day. Furthermore, students tend to over-eat at these establishments and take more food than they need.  Gonzaga’s commitment to creating a sustainable campus, coupled with the amount of food wasted every day demand a remedy.

SmartServe aims to solve these issues by helping food service providers offer more accurate and personalized information to their customers about their nutritional intake. Smart Serve also helps food service providers make more accurate forecasts with regard to expected number of servings needed of any particular dish in order to further reduce unnecessary waste.  SmartServe is one of the first KEEN sponsored senior design projects. It was completely created, and produced by the students involved.


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