EE & CPEN 2 - Dashboard Display

Student Team: Daniel Rahm, Zachary Scott, Collin Deel, Nick Pasero
Advisor: Dr. Yanqing Ji
Sponsoring Organization: Commuter Cars
Liaison: Rick Woodbury

The team designed a touch-enabled, tablet-style instrument panel for the Commuter Cars Tango. The design process involved hardware selection of the computer and display, programming of the computer to parse and process information, and the programming and design of a graphical user interface to display the information to the user. The information displayed to the user includes speed, odometer, battery information, and the on-or-off status of lights, brakes, signals, indicators, and warnings. The design focuses on cost, hardware specifications, process efficiency, indicator accuracy, robustness of the system in the event of failure, and mean time before failure of components in the system. The final design is intended to be produced at a high volume and implemented in existing and new models of the Commuter Cars Tango.


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