CPSC 5 - Hospital Network Design

Student Team: Riley Englin, Zhia Chong, Andrew Hee
Advisor: Dr. Shawn Bowers
Sponsoring Organization: H-Source
Liaisons: Brandon O'Brien & Murray Walden

We are working with a local startup called H-Source that is aiming to reduce medical wastes in hospitals. H-Source is a website that functions as a single point of contact for hospitals to buy and sell unused and expiring products in order to cut down the large amount of unnecessary financial loss that is taking place within hospitals. Following recent trends, H-Source users now require access to the site on-the-go. We have been asked to solve this problem by developing a mobile version of the site. This will ultimately help hospitals update their listings from a warehouse, when availability through a desktop is inefficient. The goal of our project is to create a mobile web application with similar functionality to the existing H-Source website, optimized for use on a mobile device.


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