CPSC 4 - Collaborative Learning System

Student Team: Gabe Castellanos, Paul Jewell, Tiffany Arnold
Advisor: Dr. Shawn Bowers
Sponsoring Organization: Gonzaga University
Liaisons: Mike Herzog & Dr. Mark Alfino

In academic settings, peer review has proven to be beneficial to an individual’s education.  By critiquing their peers’ assignments, students are more able to effectively assess their own work. Reviewers gain critical thinking skills and students receive valuable feedback about their work.  The goal of our project is to develop the Collaborative Learning Assessment System for Students (CLASS), which aims to be a comprehensive, web-based platform for peer review.  By modernizing the review process, CLASS reduces the overhead inherent in traditional peer assessment methods.  CLASS integrates homework submission and assignment review into one simple and easy to use solution, saving time for both students and instructors.  This system provides a cost-effective, open source alternative for instructors seeking to incorporate peer review into their courses.


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