CPSC 2 - Go Lumber

Student Team: Chad Gray, Tiernan O'Rourke, Sabrina Topacio, Doug Coulson

Advisor: Dr. Shawn Bowers
Sponsoring Organization: FTI American
Liaison: Cal Larson


The global forest products industry is broad and complex, and there are thousands of lumber mills in the United States alone. Buyers and sellers in the industry are behind the times, as they primarily communicate product inventories over email. The industry also has not adopted a single standard of measurement, which further complicates the process of locating lumber to purchase. The goal of the GoLumber project is to create a website that will connect buyers and sellers within the industry. GoLumber will allow mills to post their lumber inventories to the site, which can then be located by potential buyers through a search of the site. GoLumber will present the inventories in such a way that buyers and sellers around the world will be able to view lumber inventories in the units they desire. The team is developing GoLumber using the Ruby on Rails Framework.



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