Civil 9 - Cedar Mountain

Student Team: Kevin Blumhardt, Richard Mills, Casey Nieuwenhuis, Michael Ricci, Ammon Bostic
Advisor: Scott Marshall
Sponsoring Organization: Cedar Mountain
Liaisons: Al & Daryl Kyle


Cedar Mountain Farm Foundation is a 440 acre farm in Athol Idaho. It is owned and managed by Al and Daryl Ann Kyle who operate a bed and breakfast on the site. Currently they are looking to develop the farm into a multi-facility recreational location including campgrounds, remote cabins, and horseback riding. Team CE 9’s focus is on designing the campground. This includes the campground design, water and wastewater systems, road lay out, and a large surface absorption system which passes the necessary Nutrient Pathogen evaluation as required by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. In addition, the team is  tasked with determining the most financially sustainable design involving limited capital and dividing the campground development into multiple phases to make the sponsor’s dream possible.





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