Civil 5 - Arsenic Project

Student Team: Tiyana, Nakasone, Thomas Jordan, Martin Gomez, Michael Haefeli
Advisor: Russell Mau
Sponsoring Organization: Washington State Department of Health
Liaison: Chad Allen

Kittitas County Water District No. 5 (District) has contacted Gonzaga University (GU) asking to help regulate arsenic concentrations in the water system. Arsenic concentrations were above the allowable maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 10 parts per billion (ppb), so the District installed sorption treatment facilities that have lowered the concentrations and meeting the limit. However, the media are showing excessive arsenic breakthroughs at 1 year instead of lasting for 3 years, which will result in considerable ongoing operational costs to replace the media on a yearly versus triennial basis. The State of Washington Department of Health is directing the District to investigate causes of the shortened media life and to investigate approaches to retrofit treatment. Our design team researched and evaluated several alternative arsenic removal techniques and identified the best treatment option for Kittitas County to achieve compliance with the EPA regulations.


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