Civil 4 - Twin Bridges Replacement,Structural

Student Team: Nickolas Ha, Breyden Holoubek, Tygh Gianella, Daniel Zimny, Joe Liberto, Cheyenne Thompson, Victoria Sander, Amy Nickolaus
Advisors: Dr. Sue Niezgoda, Scott Marshall
Sponsoring Organization: HDR, Inc.

Two existing bridges spanning the South Fork of the Coeur D’Alene River in Mullan, Idaho, are considered structurally deficient and need to be replaced. Golden Eight, Inc. will be completing the design of the Third and Seventh Street replacement bridges. The scope of this project includes completing a hydraulic study to size the bridge openings to ensure compliance with all FEMA floodplain regulations.

The project also includes a full structural design, including design of the substructure and foundation capable of supporting the traffic loads and resisting scour from the river. The design of the roadway corridor between the two bridges will also be completed including all signage and road markings, stormwater management practices, and design of the pavement section.  This project is sponsored by HDR, Inc., who is completing the project for the Idaho Department of Transportation.


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