Mechanical 3 - Flow Boiling Test Fixture

Student Team: Ted Blowe, Brandon Echeverria, Derek Klopp, Robert Munoz
Adivsor: Dr. Robert Stiger
Sponsoring Organization: Parker Aerospace
Liaison: Andrew Johnston

    Parker Aerospace Thermal Management Systems designs and manufactures liquid cooled system solutions for high performance electronics in harsh environments.The goal of this project is to design and build a prototype test fixture that simulates cooling silicon microchips used in the field. This test fixture allows Parker to verify theoretical values of heat transfer coefficients. The fixture must be able to accommodate a variety of rectangular heat sink sizes, flow channel geometries, and refrigerant types – all with one fixture, replacing only minimal parts for each test. The system replicates the flow boiling heat removal process in high heat, generally electronics. The test fixture we designed interfaces with an existing closed-loop, recirculating-flow, support system provided by Parker.

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