Mechanical 2 - Engine Heater

Student Team: Nathan Adamski, Colin Flynn, Cory Geerdts, Chris Lombardi, Kyle Martin
Advisor: Dr. Robert Stiger
Sponsoring Organization: Hotstart
Liaison: Micky Merrit

    The extent of our project is to evaluate the implementation of using a commercial air source heat pump as a supplemental heater to HotStart’s electrical resistance heater to lower electrical energy consumption. HotStart is a Spokane based company that designs and manufactures engine heaters to keep engines at a uniform temperature, allowing them to start quickly. The prototype that we designed will ultimately be tested on the Caterpillar Generator Set used as a backup power source for the McCarthy Athletic Center to determine the cost savings involved with using the waste heat from the engine to heat the coolant in the engine to keep it ready for the start-up in the event of an emergency.



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