Civil 9 - Chimfunshi, Zambia


Student Team: Michael Clark, John Meyers, William Schuur IV, Ben Stewart
Advisor: Alex Maxwell
Sponsoring Organization: Gonzaga University in Chimfunshi
Liaisons: Dr. Mark Bohdamer, Dr. Mara London

This is the second consecutive year that Gonzaga University has partnered with the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage. Chimfunshi is a world renowned orphanage and sanctuary for chimpanzees. project includes several tasks. Improving the fence and drinking basins for the chimpanzee enclosures, designing brick stoves that will use fuel more efficiently and mitigate smoke away from the user, latrine seals that will water transmission in the rainy season, and hand washing stations. The first group of Gonzaga Engineering students to earn Engineering course credit in Zambia this summer will implement the designs from this project.

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