Civil 8 - Loading Bay & Hangar Drainage

Student Team: Nicholas Harmon, Spencer Newins, Louis Paul, Paul Rhoades, Matthew Scarsella, Evan Underbrink
Advisor: Lindsay Gilbert
Sponsoring Organization (A): Metals Fabrication Company
Liaison (A): Tim Mathison
Sponsoring Organization (B): Taylor Engineering, Inc.
Liaison (B): Lindsay Gilbert

Civil Team #8 has completed design work on two separate projects.The first project includes civil/site improvements for the Associated Painters Hangar at Spokane International Airport.The goal was to design drainage and sitework improvements around the building to minimize dusty conditions near the air handling units as well as create paved access from the adjacent roadway to the units suitable for use by a manlift.The second project is the design of a semi-truck loading bay for Metals Fabrication Company.The goal was to design a trench type loading bay that will fit two semi trailers.This included ramps down into the building and any necessary drainage systems.

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