CEDE Projects, 2011


The Center for Engineering Design & Entrepreneurship is pleased to showcase the design work of our students.

Gonzaga University’s Center for Engineering Design & Entrepreneurship (CEDE) was established in 1992 to enhance the design experience for our senior engineering students. The Center obtains projects for the academic year that are defined and provided by sponsors in the private and public sectors. Prospective sponsors are sought throughout the year for projects involving all engineering and computer science programs. Some projects are interdisciplinary. Participating sponsors provide a definition, resources, and funding for the projects. They also commit a liaison from the sponsoring company to guide and support the students throughout the academic year. In turn, this affords the sponsors an opportunity to evaluate students for possible employment. Throughout the academic year, all projects are periodically reviewed by faculty and the Center’s Design Advisory Board (DAB). The DAB is comprised of engineering and computer science professionals among all the disciplines in both the private and public sectors. They are instrumental constituents for the Center and a major factor to guide the students. The review process brings an outside perspective to the projects and is a component required to meet design guidelines established by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The Center for Engineering Design is pleased to showcase the design work of our students. Our gratitude is extended to our project sponsors and liaisons. We encourage you to visit the project exhibits, to attend the formal project presentations, and to join us at the social that concludes these events.

Download a pdf of the 2011 CEDE Projects


Briquettes from Biomass: Alex Friedman, Mick Dawn, Ashley Elliott, Dan Parshall, Sarah Love
Fish & Fluid Dynamics
: Elliot Marshall, Russel Craven, Brent Lowe, Brian Smith
Annexation of West Plains:
Nam Khuat, Scott Ratterman, Andy Spence, Dustin Lehman
Ferris High School Classroom:
Clare Oveson, Nolan Cannon, Michael Stadum, Max Hughes
Hope4Kids Clean Drinking Water:
Sydney Ulliman, Lucas Pearl, Max Magee, Kira Iles, Derek Davis
Yakima Fruit Packing Facility:
Jacob DeBorde, Derek Long, Wayne Heffner, Jim Erwin-Svoboda, Jacob Huylar
West Court St. Bridge:
Matt Neilson, Andrew Lijenberg, Alex Khmaruk, Andrey Lapik
West Plains Property Development:
Anthony Nelson, Ryan Hammel, Zachary Smith, Sean Tweedy
Walla Walla Police Station:
Adam Tyner, Brian Bratcher, Ian Miller, Christie Norman, Aaron Stephens
Holy Family Hospital:
Ryan Hamersky, Carl Buher, Margaret Janicki, Rob Gonia
Cameroon Hospital:
Taylor Warren, Eric Maunder, Tim Lewis, Julia Anderson
Flow Split:
Greg Postlewaite, Brendon Daniels, Andrew Jones, Christopher Neff, Jacob Gordon


Telecommunications Insert: Adam Pinder, Marco Porras, Brent Fales, Robert Laule, Taylor Saxby
Casting Simulator: Kevin McClure, Abdul Almozail, Matthew Skillicorn, Kelsey Takahashi, Vaun Bartels
Automated Thermocouple: Melissa Ripper, Elizabeth Kuhn, Patrick Sherry
Manufacturing Die Clampnig Project: Philippe Garre, Dustin Martin, Jordan Dunn
Spacer Prepreg Process: Brett Matthews, Cody Bartels, James Rooney, Kyle Stanton-Wyman
Gas Infiltration System: Kristyn Campbell, Mitchell Samson, James Spaeth, John Wallace
Solar Powered Refrigerator: Natham Blamey, Carl Grompe, Michael Johnson
Thermo Precipitator: Alexander Marinos, Sean Dardis, Brian Shanahan, Zachere Priest
Alliance Bundle Orienting System: James Bennett, Christopher Boznak, Daren Cejna, Eric Dunford, Elaine Schield, Michael Shaffer
Deburring Machine: Bridget Moran, Christopher Plass, Jon Hadorn


LHC2 Antenna Lab: David Stech, Le Dong, Michael Johnson, Napoleone Piani
IncSys: People Powered Generators; Mazen Alharbi, Brian Waldron, Marko Stepovich
Avista Air Core Gnerator Stator: Joseph Kastenholz, David Kleinschmidt, Brandon Williams

Computer Science

LHC2 Antenna Lab: Frazier Moore, Renata Kloepfer, Josie Hunter
Spokane Public Library:
Lewis Cutter, Tyler Carrington, Katy Rankin
Webscraper API:
Colton Lammers, Andrew Purpura, Ryan Naccarato
PowerData Power Simulator:
Brandon Lowery, San Youtsey, Nathaniel Hollister

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