Spacer Prepeg Process

ME 5 Team: Brett Matthews, Cody Bartels, James Rooney, Kyle Stanton-Wyman
Advisor: Michael Keegan
Liaison: Josh Fort

Our project successfully created a new manufacturing process for Goodrich to begin a cost reduction effort over their current processes. To extend product lifetime, Goodrich needs to insert a thin spacer into aircraft brake assemblies. The initial products used where carbon fiber spacers that required extensive machining and finishing processes, all of which required months of lead time.

Our machine receives unprocessed spacer material and performs three steps – hardener coating, excess removal and drying – in just 8 minutes per spacer. The result is a spacer can be batch produced over a significantly shorter lead time at approximately 75% of the cost. Not only is our machine useful for initial batch production, but our proven materials handling concepts will be utilized in future large scale production.

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