IncSys: People Powered Generators

EE2 Team: Mazen Alharbi, Brian Waldron, Marko Stepovich
Advisor: Dr. Grigore Braileanu
Liaison: Dr. Robin Rodmore

The Senior Project EE 02 is a project sponsored by Dr. Robin Podmore of Incremental Systems and Community Solutions Initiative (CSI). The team’s faculty advisor is Dr. Braileanu and the team is comprised of Mazen Alharbi, Marko Stepovich, and Brian Waldron. The goal of the project is to develop a series of end products for small human scale generation in remote developing communities.

This includes a current limiter which allows humans to charge large batteries. A LED work and reading lamps that will be extremely efficient and low cost. Also a simple half a kilo-watt charge controller for battery charging is being developed. All parts of this project are designed and developed with the primary goal of being beneficial for developing remote communities.

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