Spokane Public Library

CPSC 2 Team: Lewis Cutter, Tyler Carrington, Katy Rankin
Advisor: Dr. Christopher Smith
Liaison: Mark Pond

The goal of our project was to give local businesses an opportunity to support the Spokane Public Library by purchasing books for the library and receiving a faceplate on the purchased book in exchange. For this task, we created several web pages to be added to the library’s web- site. Our pages include a log in and account system for users to create profiles with the library, customizing their preferences about the type of books they want to purchase for the library.

Furthermore, we created a development database with tables to mimic those in the library’s database, and at the completion of the project, we modified the library’s database to meet the needs of our system. The web pages match the aesthetics of the library’s website, and are designed to fit seamlessly with other applications the library offers.

502 E. Boone Avenue
Spokane, WA 99258-0026
Phone: (509) 313-3523
Fax: (509) 313-5871
Email: seas@gonzaga.edu

Dr. Stephen E. Silliman
Email: silliman@gonzaga.edu
Phone: (509) 313-3522