Yakima Fruit Packing Facility

CE 6 Team: Jacob DeBorde, Derek Long, Wayne Heffner, Jim Erwin-Svoboda, Jacob Huylar
Advisor: Lindsay Gilbert
Liaison: Cindy Brower

The Yakima Fruit Packing Facility project includes a wide array of tasks in conjunction with the construction of the building itself. Our projects tasks include the installation of new water and sewer, two new paved driveways, a paved parking area, drive aisles, concrete loading pads for commercial trucks to load and unload produce, a gravel fire lane, and new storm drainage system. The team determined local code requirements necessary for design, including building setbacks, stormwater calculations, and the parking requirements.

The team selected a suitable stormwater treatment for the project, while also researching sustainable alternatives adhering to the Yakima County Regional Stormwater Management Program. In addition the team is responsible for the site control plan, grading and drainage plan, drainage report showing the project’s hydrology calculations, and the utility plan.

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