Hope4Kids Clean Drinking Water for Africa

CE 5 Team: Sydney Ulliman, Lucas Pearl, Max Magee, Kira Iles, Derek Davis
Advisor: Dr. Mara London
Liaison: Pat Sullivan

We have taken on the challenge of providing two different communities in Africa with clean drinking water. The first site is a compound for staff and their families at the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage in Zambia. They unknowingly choose to drink microbially-contaminated ravine water rather than water from their well that contains high concentrations of iron. This water is unpalatable but not harmful. To reduce the high iron concentrations, our senior design team has experimented with aeration, sedimentation, and rapid sand filters by constructing and testing prototypes for each option.

The second community in need of assistance is located on Sigulu Island, in Uganda. The only source of water on the island comes from Lake Victoria which is polluted with contaminants and is a major cause of disease and death. To remove harmful pathogens from the Lake Victoria water, our senior design team has constructed a 55 gallon slow sand filter. To bring water from the lake shore to the community we have designed a solar powered pumping system that will harness the power of the sun.

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