Ferris High School Classroom

CE 4 Team: Clare Oveson, Nolan Cannon, Michael Stadum, Max Hughes
Advisor: Dr. Paul Nowak
Liaison: Tim Burton

Our project involves the design of a classroom building, which will serve the students and teachers of Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington. The building is approximately 22,000 ft2 and will be comprised of two floors of classrooms and a mechanical mezzanine system which will be located above the top floor. All pertinent design criteria dictated by the City of Spokane, the International Building Code 2006 (IBC) and ASCE 7-05 were incorporated.

The design team evaluated the appropriate loads associated with the structure and utilized the architect's drawings to design an appropriate structural system. The structural design includes a roof framing system, beams, columns, lateral force resisting systems, a retaining wall, and a foundation. Calculations were provided for selected members and structural elements to meet all design requirements and criteria. A final report including materials, design specifications, and AutoCAD drawings was submitted by the design team.

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