Flow Split for Spokane Water Reclamation Facility

CE 12 Team: Greg Postlewaite, Brendon Daniels, Andrew Jones, Christopher Neff, Jacob Gordon
Advisor: Russell Mau
Liaison: Kelly Irving

During storms, influent flows at Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility (RPWRF) often exceed the maximum design flow. This has prompted discussion about how to improve plant efficiency. An area of interest is the distribution box that splits the flow into the four primary clarifiers (PCs). Currently, the flow is unevenly split between the four PCs due to poor distribution box design. It was determined that flow equalization in the distribution box would increase PC performance.

The purpose of our project was to determine how this could be done and whether or not it was economically feasible. Constructability of several alternatives was analyzed involving coordination with other construction taking place. Ultimately a recommendation regarding adjustments to the distribution box was provided to RPWRF in conjunction with CH2M Hill, Inc.

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