Boeing Debris Collector

ME 7 Team: Chad Chaffin, Joseph Goelz, Stefan Lauderback, Edgar Poza
Mike Keegan
Kimberly Hicks

The project group, ME‐07, has been contracted by Boeing Company to design, build, and test a prototype that will be able to dispose of small space debris in Low Earth Orbit space (LEO). The LEO space environment contains a large amount of debris that can impact current and future spacecraft operations. The team will formulate design specifications from customer requirements, develop concepts, design and test the prototype. The criteria in which the debris capture mechanism is being designed includes capture of debris ranging in size from 1 to 20 centimeters, fitting into an ESPA ring and attaching to a satellite, and being able to capture debris that comes within 2 meters of the satellite. A final report will be turned into Boeing Company detailing the prototype, design process, and suggestions on debris disposal.

Download the research project's final report

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