Pend Oreille Park

CE9 Team: Veniamin Radchuck, Michael Yoshihara, Alexandrea Canavan
Advisor & Liaison:
Leon Sproule 

The purpose of our project is to design a buildable set of plans for the construction of an RV park within Pend Oreille County Park, which is located approximately 45 minutes north of Spokane on Highway 2. There exists an equestrian trail system around the park, but Pend Oreille County is interested in building a site which will include lots for people with horse trailers and lots for RV parking. Our project includes a complete road design based on topographical survey information of the site, as well as a water system analysis for an extension of the water line from the existing well to meet the new demand. Our project also includes a design for a restroom facility, with an emphasis on sustainability. Our primary concern is ensuring that construction of this park is economically feasible, while also providing an affordable camping destination for families.

Download the research project's final report

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