Bike Lane

CE2 Team: Tobia Brewer, Randy Jones, Kayla Weber
Advisor: Robert Turner
Liaison: Gary Nelson

In recent years, the need for a larger and improved bicycle infrastructure has become apparent, and municipalities have begun working to update their bicycle networks. The City of Spokane seeks to update and expand its bicycle network, and is looking into an experimental set of pavement markings called Shared Lane Markings or “Sharrows.” These Sharrows can indicate bicycle presence in sections of roadway too narrow to serve as a shared bicycle and automobile lane. Sharrows are currently being tested for durability, recognition and general acceptance by all roadway users. The goal of this project is to collect bicyclist usage data, such as average daily traffic of bicyclists on three different roadways in Spokane. Bicyclist Volumes, placement and economics of Sharrow markings, and Safety, are being studied in addition to efforts to educate drivers and bicyclists about the new markings.

Download the research project's final report

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