Non-Work Study-Institutional & Community Job Board

Steps for Getting a Non-Work Study Job

Institutional Jobs:

If you do not have Federal Work Study and would like to work on campus, follow steps 1-3 to locate an Institutional job.  

  1. View Instituitonal jobs by following this link.
  2. Talk with departments you are interested in working in to see if they have any Institutional positions available.  Institutional positions are funded directly by the department's budget.

  3. Once the job has been offered to you, come to the Student Employment Office to fill out your hiring paperwork. This includes a Hire PAR form, an I-9 form, and a W-4 form.

  4. Students are paid through Direct Deposit so bring your bank information including account and routing numbers.

Community Job Board:

If you have not been awarded Federal or State Work Study as part of your financial aid award package, and you have not found an institutional position on campus, follow steps 1-4 to locate an off campus Community Job on our Community Job Board.

  1. View available off-campus positions on the Community Job Board by clicking here. You may also access these listings on the Community Job Board outside the Admission Office in College Hall. There you will see contact/business names, phone numbers, job descriptions, requirements, locations, hrs/wk, and rates of pay for various positions.

  2. After looking at the available positions, contact the employers about your interest in their position. Follow their application procedures and be ready to provide materials such as your resume and a list of references. Be sure to identify in advance the hours you will be able to work.

  3. If the employer offers you the position, and you accept it, you will be paid directly by the off-campus employer. You will complete any hiring paperwork with this employer.

  4. NOTE: The Student Employment Office at Gonzaga University does not screen the prospective employers or make placements, but rather acts as a liaison between students and area employers.

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