Parent/Family Calendar 2015-2016


Check back soon for a downloadable digital calendar available for you to upload to your Google, Outlook or phone calendars.

Follow the instructions below based on your device.

Add to Google Calendar

  1. Download the .csv file and save on your computer
  2. Login to your Google Calendar online
  3. Under the drop down next to ‘My calendars’ you will ‘Create new calendar’ and label it ‘Gonzaga Parents Calendar’ or whatever you prefer.
  4. Under ‘Other Calendars’ select ‘Import Calendar’ and choose the .ics file that you downloaded on to your computer. Under ‘Calendar’ select the ‘Gonzaga Parents Calendar’ from the drop down list, and then click ‘Import,’ and it will upload all the dates to your Google Calendar.

Add to iOS device

  1. Click this link while on your phone
  2. The dates will pull up, and in the upper right corner you will have the option to ‘Add’ these dates to your calendar.

Add to Outlook Calendar

  1. Copy this link:
  2. Login to your Outlook account
  3. When in the ‘Calendar’ area, select ‘Open Calendar’ from the top menu.
  4. Select ‘From Internet’ from your options.
  5. Paste the link you copied into the space provided.
  6. The next box will prompt you to ‘Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook and Subscribe to updates?’ to which you will select ‘Yes’ from the options below.