Payroll Forms and Timesheets

Direct Deposit:

ACH direct deposit insures that your payroll and accounts payable funds are deposited automatically to your bank in a timely and accurate manner.  Direct deposit is Gonzaga University's preferred method of making payments to employees because it is safe and efficient both for the University and employees.  There is no risk of lost or stolen paper checks and employees can feel confident that their funds will be automatically sent to their bank account even when they are out of town or on vacation.

Direct deposit participants receive an email message whenever a deposit is made for accounts payable reimbursements.

Payroll earnings statements are available at to all employees approximately one day prior to each payday.

Please complete the appropriate authorization form and return it to the Payroll Department, AD Box 69, at your earliest convenience.

            Direct deposit authorization for regular (Faculty and Staff) employees

            Direct deposit authorization for student employees

If you are a student not employed at Gonzaga please use the following form for Accounts Payable direct deposit only.  Complete and return this form directly to Accounts Payable at AD Box 69 at your earliest convenience.

            Direct deposit authorization for Accounts Payable only

Timesheet Due Date Schedule 

Late Time Reporting:

The timesheets below are templates in Excel format used to report time which was not properly reported using Web Time Entry. Please review the Late Submission Guidelines. Late timesheets are to be submitted directly to the Payroll Department, AD Box 69 (Marked 'ATTN: PAYROLL') or physical location, Business Services Building at 102 E Boone Avenue for processing. 

Payroll Office
Located at:
Business Services Center
102 E Boone Ave.       

Jana Clarry
Payroll Assistant
(509) 313-6831

Rhonda Corbin

Sr. Payroll Administrator

(509) 313-6806

Brenda Roske
Payroll Assistant
(509) 313-6980

Michael Thompson
Payroll Director
(509) 313-6805