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Web Time Entry Information 

Pay periods end on the 15th of the month and on the last day of the month.

 Please remember to submit your WTE timesheet!

The timesheet submit deadline will always be the last day of the pay period.

 You are encouraged to submit your timesheet before you leave on the last day you work in the pay period.

WTE timesheets will need to be approved by the first working day after the end of the pay period.

The 2015 Schedule may be found here.


Web Time Entry (WTE) is an automated time collection process within the Banner Employee Self Service (ESS) Module.

WTE allows staff and student employees to electronically record and submit their time for each pay period, supervisors to electronically approve time, and the Payroll Department to upload the time for payroll processing.  This easy-to-use system reduces the potential for data entry errors, eliminates the need to copy and forward paper time sheets to the Payroll Department, and assists the efforts of the University in creating a more efficient and effective method of producing the payroll.  WTE moves the record keeping for nearly 2,000 Gonzaga employees to an on-line process and enables you to view leave balances and time history whenever you like within Zagweb.

All Staff & Student Employees: Access your time sheet for each pay period on the first day of the pay period. Make sure you submit your electronic time sheet for approval by the date displayed on the timesheet.

Exempt StaffRecord exception time (sick, vacation, personal leave, etc) on Zagweb timesheet.

Non Exempt StaffRecord actual hours worked, absences, and holidays, on the Zagweb timesheet

Student Employees: Record actual hours worked on the Zagweb timesheet. There is an Exception- Students whose only position with GU is with Sodexo Food Services or US Attorney's Office will not use WTE to record time.

Faculty: Only use WTE to approve time if they supervise staff and/or students.

Frequently asked questions, employee time entry guidelines, proxy guidelines, training materials, instructional videos and payroll due date calendars are available on the left hand menu.

Payroll Office
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Payroll Director
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