Academic Leadership Programs

The Payne Center for Leadership Development (PCLD) is open to all students and intended to provide exposure to leadership theory and various leadership resources to aid students in their leadership development. In addition to the PCLD, Gonzaga offers two academic programs that are geared toward developing future leaders. These two programs are the Comprehensive Leadership Program (CLP), and the Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program. Participation in this program is on an application basis taking place during students' first year at Gonzaga. For more information about these great opportunities, please visit each program's respective website.

The Comprehensive Leadership Program (CLP)

The Comprehensive Leadership Program fosters the development of men and women who lead for the common good. The program offers a unique scholarly environment that provides transformational and reflective student experiences focused on three dimensions: self-awareness, relationship with others, and community action for the common good. The program is designed to produce graduates with a deep and holistic understanding of leadership, the meaning of moral character, and an ethic of care and service.

The program accomplishes their mission and vision through a core set of six courses. The courses are developed around a cohort model where a maximum of 40 students each year will be selected to enter the program. Courses cover leadership in the context of self-identity, relational leadership, and leadership in action. In addition to the required courses, various electives are available which are geared toward a specific area of leadership. Students will graduate with a certificate in leadership studies, which will be noted on their transcript and in the graduation program. More information about CLP can be found by visiting

Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

The Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program is a three-year undergraduate Concentration that prepares students to create new ventures that make a positive difference in society. Unique features are:

  • Honors program model
  • A Concentration along with any major
  • 3-year immersion in entrepreneurial contexts
  • Based on Jesuit educational ideals of ethical leadership and commitment to the common good

The program seeks students who are high achievers, academically strong, creative, independent, willing to take risks, and who want to make a positive difference in the world. Career interests can be in virtually any field or industry -- information and computer technology, telecommunications, biotechnology, manufacturing, service, medicine, the physical or natural sciences, education, or the non-profit arena. For more information on the program, including how to apply, visit