The Department of Housing and Residence Life is a comprehensive program of housing information and assistance for all students attending Gonzaga University.  Mostly serving traditional aged full time undergraduate students with on and off campus resources owned or operated by GU, we also provide assistance searching for living accommodations in the greater Spokane area for older students, families, etc.

Every year, not all upper division students receive space on campus, or even in our few off campus resources.  However, the Department has several informational resources available, including yet not limited to:

  • Annual cost comparisons between living on campus or a block or three off campus in privately owned accommodations.

  • Annual advice on a very specific differences between living with GU, or with a private landlord- in relation to costs and accommodations: Handout available.

  • In person advice in learning how to search off campus, via conversation with the room assignments personnel

  • In person walking tours (with the Senior Director of the Department)– upon scheduled request- of the surrounding Logan Neighborhood, complete with advice on the best and friendliest areas/quadrants, differences between private houses and private apartments and typical methods those landlords use to recruit tenants or advertise openings.

 What you should know about apartments in the Logan Neighborhood:

  • Apartments in the neighborhood privately owned are managed by reality companies mostly.  A few have on site ‘managers’ for lockouts and property upkeep.  As such, they tend to wait for an ‘announced vacancy’ (I.E. tenant gives 30 days’ notice of termination), before advertising a vacancy.  Thus, for those spaces April is a best month to inquire.  A few select spots will place ‘for rent’ signs on the property when something is for rent. 

Here you will find a variety of housing information regarding off-campus living options for students, including:    

  • Gonzaga owned off-campus apartment information.
    • Gonzaga owns and operates 3 off-campus apartment buildings.
  • Virtual bulletin board to point you in the direction of both GU owned and non-GU owned off-campus properties you may be interested in.
    • This website is managed by the Gonzaga University Housing Office. The bulletin board serves as a place for landlords to post vacancies in apartments and houses, and for students who are subleasing a space for one or more semesters. The renters (students) can use this website to easily find vacancies and contact information for the landlords.
    • Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that Gonzaga University is not responsible or liable for contracts/leases between individuals.  In addition, Gonzaga University does not endorse or sponsor any of the agencies, services, advertisements, properties or landlords included on this website.  The information is provided only as an aid in your search for housing.
    • For additional resources and guidance for managing the relationship between yourself as tenants and non-GU owned off-campus landlords, refer to the Landlord-Tenant Relationship Guide.

Preference is given only to registered Gonzaga students who have fulfilled the University's two year on-campus living requirement or are above 21 years of age.  Incoming freshman and sophomore status students are not eligible for off-campus housing.

For further information on Gonzaga University's off-campus properties, residency requirements or to obtain an application, please contact our off-campus Residence Director, at (509) 313-4112 or through email

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