Registration & Cost

GU students participating in a yoga class 

Registration and payments are completed using IMLeagues.

Non-Credit Fitness Class Memberships

Semester Unlimited Membership - $25 

  • Any week, any class, any time

One class Drop-In Fee - $10 

  • Can only be used for one* class
  • *Includes 45-minute, 50-minute or 1-hour classes

No Show/Drop Class Policy

  • Individuals cannot drop a class less than 3-hours before their class begins.
  • If they drop within the 3-hour window (or are a no show) more than three times, they will be suspended for the remainder of the semester(no refunds).
  • If an individual drops a class less than 3-hours before, they will be notified with an e-mail about the future of their participation status.
  • Students may drop a class any time before the 3-hour window.