Domestic Health Insurance

At Gonzaga University, we strongly recommend all of our students enroll in and maintain health insurance.  This page outlines the key points you need to know about how domestic health insurance works at Gonzaga.

Does Gonzaga have a school-sponsored insurance plan?

Gonzaga does not have a school-sponsored insurance plan.  After the changes to the health insurance market with the Affordable Care Act, we found that all of our on-campus students were able to access insurance through the Washington Health Benefit Exchange.  We also found that students could get the same amount of coverage through the Health Exchange for a much better price than we were able to offer.  Using the Health Exchange also allows students to choose the plan that best fits their personal needs.

Does Gonzaga require students to have health insurance?

While we strongly recommend that all students have health insurance, we do not have a health insurance requirement.  New students are asked to submit a copy of their health insurance card and any students who present to Health & Counseling Services for care will be asked for updated insurance information.  This is not a requirement, however, and you will not need to complete a waiver if you do not have insurance.  You do not need health insurance to be seen at Health & Counseling Services.

What if I don't have insurance?

While we strongly recommend that all students have health insurance, we do not have a health insurance requirement.  We encourage students who are in need of insurance to explore the options available below:

Coverage under the Washington State Exchange

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange, established as part of National Health Care Reform, provides an online marketplace for students to compare low-cost medical insurance options. The Washington State exchange program also offers Washington Apple Health (Washington States’ Medicaid program) and tax credits to help offset student health insurance costs.  These programs are for U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents; International Students on F-1 and J-1 visas should refer to the section on International Student Insurance.

Open enrollment for the Washington State Exchange is in November for January 1st coverage. If you have recently lost your current coverage or had a qualifying life event you may be eligible for special enrollment options.

Even if you are not a resident of Washington State you can still qualify for the Washington State exchange programs, if you are currently enrolled as a Gonzaga Student and living in Washington State.

We also have specialists at Better Health Together who works with Gonzaga students to evaluate their health insurance needs.  They can assist you in selecting a plan and enrolling for coverage.  There is no charge for their services.  Their contact information is:

Better Health Together
157 S. Howard St. Ste 102
Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: (509) 370-5605

Coverage Under Your Home State Exchange

You can also explore other options available to you, such as exchanges in your home state if you are not a Washington resident.  Be sure to consider the coverage these plans will provide while you are here at Gonzaga.

How can I use my insurance at Health & Counseling Services


Due to the various types of insurance plans and companies that our students carry Health & Counseling Services does not submit claims to insurance companies.

Health Visit Charges

Students will be responsible for the minimal charges that are incurred during their medical visit i.e. provider visit fee, immunizations, in-office laboratory testing, supplies, etc. Students will always be given an itemized receipt that includes the proper medical codes for utilization in self submission to their insurance company.

Counseling Visit Charges

There is no fee for the individual counseling services (with the exception of psychiatric services). If students are in need of specialized services and are referred by a counselor to off-campus professionals, the cost of these services are the responsibility of the student. 

Charges for Diagnostic Tests

Health & Counseling Services providers may order imaging or laboratory testing from health facilities that are located outside of Health & Counseling Services. The fees for these tests are not included in the Health & Counseling Services visit fee.  The patient will be responsible for the fees that are incurred outside of Health & Counseling Services. The patient may provide the outside health facility with their insurance information and request that it be billed or the patient  will be billed separately by the providing health facility.

Emergency Charges

All students should be covered with adequate health and accident insurance to avoid the unexpected interruption of their education by high medical expenses.

Forms of Payment Accepted

Health & Counseling Services accepts the following types of payment for the services rendered: credit/debit, Bulldog Bucks or charge their student account. If the student account option is chosen the fees will be included on the students' tuition bill as a "Student Health Fee".