At Gonzaga University, we don't just train teachers. Our mission and curriculum prepares candidates that step into classrooms prepared to teach children HOW to learn. Our graduates foster relationships to create a trusting, safe learning environment. A Gonzaga-educated teacher is highly-sought and expertly trained to meet their students where they are and give the skills to truly become a life-long learner. 

The Department of Teacher Education is committed to developing exemplary educators through the integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for teaching and learning in a global society.

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Through our department, you can add elementary or secondary teacher certification to your bachelor's degree program and still graduate within four years. While certification is available for most undergraduate majors, it fits especially well with majors from the College of Arts & Sciences. The certification track requires extra courses, but can expand your future career opportunities. We also offer teacher certification through our Master in Initial Teaching (MIT) program.

In the tradition of Jesuit education, we aim to prepare educators who are ethical leaders in classrooms and communities. We not only challenge you academically, but we also provide meaningful service and experiential learning opportunities that allow you to explore teaching in school settings, while making a positive difference in real students' lives.

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Kailey Rice, Wardian award recipient

Kailey Rice, '18

Master of Initial Teaching

"Some of our best and brightest students really do stand out, and Kailey Rice is one of those."

Kathryn Kocarnik

Kathryn Kocarnik

Physical Education '08

This Lush Garden at a South L.A. School Helps Kids Learn About Veggies — and Eat Them, Too.

Lauren Macey

Lauren Macey

Masters in Initial Teaching Alumni '12

Lauren Macey, MIT ’12, exemplifies all of our graduates with her life-changing account of her daily motivation

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