Careers in Series

In 2011, the SBA held its first “Careers In Finance” event, bringing together nearly a dozen Gonzaga alumni in various positions throughout the finance world to provide guidance on mentoring, career development, networking, and marketing yourself in the field.  This first event met with such success that it has been expanded to include individual events for marketing, human resource management, and other disciplines. This series is expanding to include all disciplines, providing our students with a valuable career development opportunity, connecting us with firms throughout our disciplines, and providing ongoing opportunities to engage with our alumni. We have also extended this concept to careers in specific organizations. We used this same format to highlight opportunities at companies like Boeing. In 2020-2021 there are 7 different disciplines that held/are holding events not including company specific events.
  • Careers in Finance - September
  • Careers in Accounting - October
  • Careers in Economics - November
  • Careers in Human Resource Management (HRM) - January
  • Careers in Marketing - February 
  • Careers in Management Information Systems - March
  • Careers in Operations and Supply Chain Management - April