Former Clients

Winterwoods Tea Company

Winterwoods Tea Company is a producer of small batch artisan teas hand mixed in Spokane. Tirza Wibel founded her company in 2014 and has created a local success story for the Spokane business community. With a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Tirza was able to grow her company and expand her customer base rapidly. Gonzaga's New Venture Lab worked with Winterwoods Tea Company in 2015 to formalize a business plan, research customer demographics, and strategize a marketing campaign.

Beats and Rhythms

Beats and Rhythms is a local non-profit started by the mother of a child with congenital heart disease. She began the organization with an emphasis on support and education for teens and their families. By directing camps and programs for those affected by congenital heart disease, Beats and Rhythms helps kids gain confidence in themselves mentally and physically. Gonzaga's New Venture Lab worked with Beats and Rhythms in 2015 to restructure, rebrand, and identify new areas for the organization to grow.


(Social Purpose Corporation)
HarvestScape is a local social purpose corporation that develops and implements product-oriented solutions that enable sustainable agriculture organizations, projects, and people to thrive. One of their products, the HarvestNode, is a modular container for safe food storage and distribution. Gonzaga's New Venture Lab worked with HarvestScape in 2016 to strengthen their public relations, identify participants and create marketing tools for the National Food Hub Conference, and identify potential market segments.

Anemone Paper Florist

Anemone is a local paper florist company founded by Mary Eberle in 2003. Anemone uses high quality supplies, has creative and colorful designs, and hand-crafts their products into natural-looking flowers. Gonzaga's New Venture Lab worked with Anemone in 2016 to perform market research and analyze competition, create a national advertising campaign strategy, and draft national press releases. 

Workout Anywhere

Workout Anywhere is an online training program (mobile responsive website) designed for the modern day, busy person. Jessica and Justin Rundle, founders, used their fitness backgrounds to create programs targeted to meet the needs of their over 2,000 users. Gonzaga's New Venture Lab worked with Workout Anywhere to discover additional target markets, storyboard a potential smartphone app, and identify and research local app developers.