Application Process - Students

New Venture Lab student consultant and project manager positions open at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. If you are interested in applying for a student consultant or project manager position, please fill out the respective application below. We do ask for a resume to be submitted with your application as well.

Program Director Position

2024-2025 Application Due by March 1 at midnight

Apply to be a Program Director


Project Manager Positions

Fall 2024 Application Due by September 6 at 3pm



Student Consultant Positions

Fall 2024 Application Due by September 13 at 3pm                                                                              



 If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Student FAQ

A: The New Venture Lab program is a student-run consulting organization. It provides hands-on business experience by completing projects with entrepreneurs in a real-world business setting.
A: Complete the application (on this page). Have questions? Reach out to us at:
A: No, any major is encouraged to apply!
A: Projects may include marketing/branding, social media, market research, financial analysis, etc. Tasks may range from research to creating tangible deliverables outlined in the project scope.
A: Teams are formed based on a combination of skills and interests. A Project Manager leads each team, and consultants collaborate on various aspects of the project, such as research, analysis, and strategy development.
A: While we consider preferences, teams are often formed based on a combining skills and project needs to ensure a well-rounded and productive collaborative experience.
A: The program structure fosters hands-on learning and real-world business experience. Students come away with a deeper appreciation of owning a business and understanding how to manage and solve challenges.
A: Students attend regular team meetings, client interactions, and project-related tasks over nine weeks within the semester. Hours spent per week may vary depending on the project and delegation of tasks from the Project Manager.
A: Yes, students can apply for multiple semesters. The program evolves based on feedback and the changing landscape of businesses, ensuring each semester presents new challenges and opportunities.
A: Students receive initial training and orientation to prepare them for effective collaboration. This may include workshops, resources, and guidance on project management from their Project Manager and the Program Directors.
A: Regular check-ins, reporting sessions, and direct communication with program directors and mentors provide students constructive feedback and guidance throughout the program to support their learning journey.
A: Yes, the program fosters networking opportunities through interactions with entrepreneurs, Program Directors, mentors, and fellow students. Events throughout the semester allow students to make valuable connections that may extend past their time at Gonzaga.
A: The program provides practical experience, exposure to real-world business challenges, and the opportunity to build a portfolio of work. It enhances your skills, boosts your resume, and prepares you for future career opportunities in various industries.