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If you are interested in partnering with the New Venture Lab, we encourage you to click here to fill out this online application.

Fall 2024 applications are due by August 11 at 3pmAfter you submit this form, we will get back to you within a week to give you further information about our application process. 

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Entrepreneur FAQ

A: NVL is a student-run consulting firm at Gonzaga. Students apply what they have learned in the classroom to aid entrepreneurs with their business challenges.
A: Entrepreneurs complete the application describing their business, project needs, and how the students will benefit from working on the project. Student Program Directors interview the entrepreneur and, if accepted, will work with their team to develop the scope of work.
A: The scope is a blueprint for the semester, outlining weekly goals and tasks that guide the team through three phases. Entrepreneurs work with their student Program Director and Project Manager to create and sign off on tasks that benefit all.
A: Entrepreneurs will meet in person or virtually with their team for nine weeks (once a week or every other week). They will also attend several events, including the initial kickoff event, final project presentation, networking mixer with advisors and other program participants, and end-of-the-semester exhibition.
A: The entrepreneur meets their team, explains the scope of work, and determines their meeting schedule. It's a crucial starting point for effective collaboration and communication.
A: There are three sessions during weeks 3, 6, and 9 where teams present to Program Directors, advisors, and entrepreneurs. These presentations discuss completed work and provide recommendations and feedback.
A. During Week 9, the team presents their deliverables, slides, and Executive Summary to the entrepreneur in person. Program Directors conduct an exit interview where the entrepreneur can provide feedback on their experience.
A: A week following the final presentation, all teams and entrepreneurs come together to showcase and share their accomplishments during the semester.
A. Open communication is essential for success. While it is tempting to have the team complete as much as possible, quality over quantity provides the best outcome for everyone.
A: Startups, established businesses, non-profits, and even entrepreneurs with an idea can apply! We also encourage projects that involve any academic disciplines, too. 
A. It is ideal for entrepreneurs to be in Spokane, but we can make acceptances on a case-by-case basis.
A:  There is no cost, so we can encourage entrepreneurs to offer their time to guide these students as they apply their new skills to solve real-world business challenges.