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Tuition & Financial Aid

M.Acc and MS.Tax tuition is $1,065 per credit hour (2023-2024 academic year).

*Totals below do not include books or fees. 

Program  # of Credits Total Tuition* 
M.Acc 30 credits $31,950
MS.Tax  30 credits  $31,950

Gonzaga Scholarships

Scholarships in the Graduate School of Business are awarded to students of high promise who demonstrate significant potential to benefit from graduate education. Scholarships are awarded at the time of admission. 

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Graduate Assistantships

Many students receive Graduate Assistantships in the School of Business Administration. Graduate Assistants (GA) earn $18 per hour and work approximately 6-12 hours per week assisting a faculty or staff member. Applications for Graduate Assistantships are due with a current resume by August 1 for the fall semester, December 1 for the spring semester, and April 1 for the summer semester.

Graduate Assistantship Application

Federal Financial Aid

Graduate students are eligible to receive up to $20,500 per academic year in Federal Stafford loans, regardless of income. You may also be eligible for additional loans. Feel free to schedule an appointment to speak with a Financial Aid Counselor about FAFSA, other loans, and your specific situation 

Tuition Benefits From Employers

According to the Society of Human Resource Management, 60 percent of employers offer tuition assistance. Check with your human resources department for more information.