Social Media User Expectations

Gonzaga Social Media Pages are for:

Connecting with the Gonzaga community

Social media allows the Gonzaga community to connect over news, topics, and events related to Gonzaga and Gonzaga’s mission. Our community includes students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, parents and families, potential students, and all friends of Gonzaga around the world.

Sharing stories

Gonzaga social media pages help us share stories, links, photos, videos, and other content relevant to members of the Gonzaga community. We share information designed specifically for the Gonzaga community and/or sponsored by Gonzaga University or an official Gonzaga club or organization.

Healthy discussion

Followers of Gonzaga social media are encouraged to engage in discussions about Gonzaga that are authentic, healthy, respectful, factual, and topical.

Gonzaga Social Media Pages are not for:


Promoting causes or businesses unrelated to Gonzaga and Gonzaga’s mission through Gonzaga social media pages is unacceptable. This includes posting spam messages to promote one’s own product or services. If you feel you have a product or service of interest to the Gonzaga community, please contact

Advancing an agenda

Gonzaga social media is not intended to serve as a platform to advance or promote a particular opinion or stance on any topic. In other words, please do not use these pages as your own “soapbox.” You may express your opinion on a topic if it is a respectful and factual comment made to an appropriate post. However, do not make repeated posts advancing overtly political, moral, or religious positions, events, or causes. If you have an event or cause related to a political, moral or religious topic that you would like to share with the Gonzaga community, please contact


Misrepresenting yourself, your views, or the items you sell is unacceptable. Please do not impersonate someone you are not. Do not post words or photos that are copyrighted by someone else. This includes posting comments that are unrelated to the topic of an individual post.

Offending others

Use of language that is hurtful, defamatory, discriminatory, racist, sexist, offensive, obscene, inflammatory, unlawful, vulgar, or otherwise objectionable is not appropriate on Gonzaga’s pages.

Sharing personal information

We discourage followers of Gonzaga social media from sharing personal, identifying details or contact information, including e-mail addresses, in contributions. Posting another individual’s personal information is also unacceptable.

If you do not follow these expectations:

Comments, links, photos, videos, or other content that violates the stated purposes and expectations of participation in Gonzaga’s social media communities will be removed at the discretion of Gonzaga University without advance notice, explanation, or discussion.

In addition, we reserve the right to remove other content not explicitly referred to in these expectations at the University’s discretion, especially if it exposes Gonzaga to legal or reputation risks. The poster may be contacted with a reminder about use expectations. Repeated instances of abuse will result in banning the user from the page.

Please help us uphold the integrity of our social media pages. Contact if you become aware of any content that violate these expectations or if you have any questions.