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Grad students enjoy a pint at the annual Memorial European Summer School in Philosophy (Galway 18')

Gonzaga University offers one of few graduate programs in philosophy west of the Mississippi that is truly pluralistic. Our department contains specialists in all periods of the history of Western philosophy, Chinese philosophy, continental philosophy, analytic philosophy, ethics, social and political theory, Marxism, feminist philosophy, American philosophy, philosophy of religion, metaphysics, philosophy of film, and much more.

The Philosophy Department is vibrant and active on a number of fronts, hosting both annual and ad hoc events, e.g. the Socratic Club, Departmental Research Colloquia, Faith and Reason Institute events, two annual Rukuvina lectures, SaGe lectures, both undergraduate and graduate conferences, and international conferences.

Professionally, our students benefit from:

  • Experience working with other philosophers as professional academics or formally as a Graduate Assistant, providing teaching experience,
  • Reading groups and a colloquium series for presenting work in progress,
  • Regional and international philosophy conferences
    • Gonzaga’s Faith and Reason Institute, which sponsors many conferences and speakers, including a fall conference on Faith, Film, and Philosophy and occasional spring conferences on philosophy, Christianity, and science
    • Gonzaga’s Annual Graduate and Undergraduate Conference
    • Northwest Philosophy Conference
    • American Philosophical Association: Pacific Division
    • Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference
    • Memorial University Summer School in Philosophy (MESSP), which emphasizes putting U.S. philosophy grads in contact with European philosophers


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