Available Now: Gartner Research at Gonzaga

Faculty, staff, and students now have access to Gartner research, white papers, webinars and more on an array of complex IT issues, emerging technologies, and industry trends. 


Gartner is recognized as a global leader in technology-related research and advice.  This portal offers access to research, analytics, and insights that are current, accurate, impartial, objective and consistent.

The Gartner Campus Access program provides Gonzaga faculty, staff, and students free access to the authoritative Gartner research library through a streamlined GU portal.

Now you can access Gartner research, white papers, webinars and more through MyAccess on an array of topics, ranging from education technology, medical and healthcare administrative programs, library sciences, industry trends, and analysis.


  • Faculty are empowered with current trends in information technology allowing them to bring real-world complex issues into the classroom.
  • Staff are given information on how to improve infrastructure, validate technology decisions, analyze trends in the industry and understand best practices.
  • Students gain insight on the current trends in technology, information technology management, business issues, organizations, strategy as well as a global perspective on the IT industry.
  • Magic Quadrants: Looking for the best vendor in a specific technology-related solution marketplace? Gartner’s Magic Quadrant aims to provide a qualitative analysis into a market and its direction, maturity, and participants. Solutions that appear in the upper left quadrant are the industry’s best.
  • Hype Cycles: Refreshed each year, Gartner Hype Cycles provide a graphic representation of the maturity, adoption and social application of specific technologies.
  • Webinars: Access to live webinars as well as a library of on-demand webinars.
  • Tracks: Search for terms and trends that you’d like to track without the need to visit the Gartner site regularly. Your search results will be pushed to you via email. Set your preferences to receive updates as often as you like.

Get Started: 

Members of the Gonzaga community can login using their GU username and password. Click here to get started. Login using your GU login credentials.


Gartner Campus Access is available 24x7.
Please note: Access to this portal at GU will be granted for a two-year period beginning Fall 2016 through Fall 2018.


The Gartner Campus Access benefit has been made available to the Gonzaga community via a two-year contract by courtesy of your Gonzaga’s ITS Department.

Additional Information

My Gartner Quick Reference Guide


For technical support, contact Gartner at (866) 306-8040 or email

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